Welcome to NexusNation

NexusNation is a gaming community which started early 2013. With the Owners having experience of running communities in the past, we strive to provide the perfect gaming experience when playing on our servers.

We make sure to provide a low latency server with a up-to-date gamemodes and addons. If the community votes for a feature to be added, we will most likely add it! If you find any bugs and/or exploits then please report them on the forums and we will attempt to resolve the issue within the next few days to make sure that our servers are well optimized and bug-free.

Why our community?

Quaility Servers

We try our utmost best to provide low latency servers and custom content hosted on the latest hardware to serve the players with the ultimate gaming experience.

Unique Forums

Keep updated with our community members and server updates on our unique forums. With our forums being feature rich, there is not a reason why you shouldn't sign up!

Active Teamspeak

We believe that providing a voice server for our community enables players to interact and communicate both inside and outside of our servers.

Server Updates

Over the years as our community has evolved, our game servers have evolved with us. We are forever updating our servers making sure we are as unique as possible.

Professonial Staff

Our staff team is hand picked by the Owners and the Head-Admins. We make sure that all staff members are active, supportive and have a professional outlook.

Amazing Support

We aim to provide our community members the best support possible when a problem arises. If you were banned and you feel it was unjust, our staff team will do their utmost best to reason with you.