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Here at NexusNation, we strive to make YOU, the players, have a good experience when playing on Garry's Mod. At NexusNation, we provide low latency servers to help you get the best gaming experience and we also are a non-profitable network. All donations received, go to funding and upgrading the server(s).

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At NexusNation, we make sure our staff members are hand picked to make sure YOU, the players, get the best environment when playing on our server(s). Our staff will try their best to give you the support you need when you stumble across a problem or an abusive player.

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At NexusNation, we have a very friendly community, our community is a mixture of all ages, races and nationalities. We do not tolerate any discrimination and take serious actions. We try our utmost best to keep the community user friendly and for all ages. If you come across a player trying to corrupt our community, don't hesitate to report them to us.

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by Lubricant Jam at 12:01 AM
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Hello all,

As you may or may not know, we just recently added two new commands to bunny hop and fixed another. The new commands are as followed;

!pause ~ Pauses your timer and freezes your character until you resume. This has been implemented so that if you need to go AFK for a short time, you can use this command so it does not ruin your run.

!resume ~ Does the opposite of the pause command. It resumes your timer and un-freezes your character and you can resume bunny hopping.

We have also fixed the command !hideplayers. Previously, when a player went through a portal, died or reset their run they would become visible again. Also, trails would show up and it was just very buggy. Now, all these problems are now gone and they are fixed.

More updates for the bunny hop servers will be released soon, this is just the start!
by Lubricant Jam at 7:47 PM
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Hello all,

As you can see by the title, our Plug.DJ room has returned! After a long time of the developers of the site, they have finally released a stable version of the site. Well it's come to my attention that not many people these days have even heard of Plug.DJ, never-mind have an account. So I would like to invite all of you amazing people to join me and some others at the NexusNation Plug DJ site, you can join whenever you like as 90% of the time at least one of us is on. Sometimes it's nice to have background music as you play on the servers if you don't like the radio, so come and join us!

To join us, all you need to do is sign up to Plug.DJ and then it will re-direct you to our NexusNation room (if you click the hyperlink)!

Hope to see you all there soon, jam out!
by Lubricant Jam at 10:46 PM
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Hello all,

I know today has been a big day! We now have a new radio station which plays Drum & Bass, Chillstep & Dubstep! Our radio station is no longer hosted by us and we are now proud sponsors of XenFM a new radio station! All songs played on our radio now are provided by them. You can now tune in to this radio by typing !radio in-game and soon to have a new radio player on the website provided by them! You will never get bored of our repetitive radio anymore and you will enjoy this new radio station!


Lubricant Jam.
by Lubricant Jam at 10:08 PM
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Hello all,

Last night, two of our Admins were on the BHOP test server, testing out new maps for the bunny hop servers. When they were doing this, they changed to a map which crashed the test server, over loaded so much that it then crashed all other servers and due to this, the databases corrupted on the TTT server. We have no recent backup of these databases as they are constantly updating and trying to save it would corrupt it. What we are going to do to stop this from happening, is convert the server to MySQL. This means all the points you earn now, do NOT spend as they will wipe on the conversion. You will only keep the points you have. We are sorry for this and because this happened, we are going to make it so when you add [TNN] to your name tag, you will get 50k free and VIPs get their donated points back. This will be on until Sunday this week. Once again, we are sorry for this. We will also be making donation ranks 50% off again due to this happening. This won't ever happen...
by Lubricant Jam at 12:31 PM
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Hello All,

We have recently decided to change our forum provider from SMF to Xenforo. This was because of SMF was becoming a hassle on getting things done and does not provide the service we need which Xenforo does.

Unfortunately, all forum statistics could not be converted over. This means that all accounts, all posts, all personal messages are gone. However, this goes give us the ability to give people money in-game upon sign up and we can integrate our forums with in-game.

There is a lot of things we can do now, so if you wish to suggest things go ahead! Post them in the Suggestions topic below this topic!

Thanks for co-operating,

- Lubricant Jam