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by Flash at 9:39 PM
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There have been a few updates to bhop today.

Unfortunately the ranks and times have had to be reset due to some issues with how they were being saved.

On the bright side we have some cool new features:

- Bots now only spawn if there is a record
- Practice mode has been added so you can fly to places on the map with noclip and practice them
- New leaderboards for records
- New HUD and UI
- New start and end zones
- You can now view WR bots profiles and copy their steamids
- Sync meter added to the HUD by using !sync

Bug fixes:

- Scoreboard should now be rid of all issues (if any occur please inform me)
- Scoreboard now changes size depending on the player count
- The usp now has a silencer

Sorry for the inconvenience,

by Lubricant Jam at 10:07 PM
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Change log (11-01-2015): New Bhop Gamemode!

Main new features:
  • World Record Bots.
  • All players can noclip by pressing the key you would use in Sandbox mode (deafult: V). This will freeze your timer. You can use this to for instance fly around the map and practice certain parts.
  • New ranking system that compares your personal best time with the overall best time on each map and will rank you accordingly. Each rank has a set number of players that can hold it. All top 10 ranks only have 1 spot each. The rest have several. Typing !ranks will print the ranks and what ranking you must be to have a particular rank. For instance, to be ranked [Expert] you must be in the top 100-51 players. See rank list.
Maps and RTV:
  • Most maps now have a bonus stage. Type !b to go into Bonus mode.
  • On most maps, platforms will disappear for a...
by Lubricant Jam at 7:02 PM
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We recently just received this email from our host.

"A very large DDoS attack against your IP address overloaded our connection speed and/or our router's filtering capacity at your location a short while ago and caused location-wide problems. We were forced to null-route the IP address as an emergency response measure. This null-route will need to remain in place for at least 8 hours."

Guess we'll see you all in 8 hours then, I can't do nothing about it.
by RbVortex at 11:12 PM
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Hello everyone! As most of you have probably noticed we are releasing a DarkRP server very soon! I understand some of you have been confused about what's happening and have a lot of questions. Don't worry, they will all be answered in just a moment!

As we have been asked a number of times already, who is 'Cat'? - Cat is the owner of a popular DarkRP server, formally known as ExaGaming. I personally started playing this server around a week ago and unlike most DarkRP servers it was good. So good infact a number of us having been playing there, including Jam. We both loved it and saw it's potential. After becoming friendly with the owner (Cat The Cat) we offered him a position, one that wasn't turned down. We knew how much a large amount of you wanted a DarkRP server and even though we were in early development of one, this is what we wanted it to be like. As well as seeing the best things about it we also saw what was wrong with it. One of them being lag. We know from personal...
by Lubricant Jam at 9:22 PM
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To keep with tradition, we have decided to start the Christmas Sale and start it on Black Friday! For those of you who don't know, Black Friday is the day of where the "Christmas Sale" supposedly starts. Prices drop by 10-90% depending on which shop or which item it is. With NexusNation, we are going to be having a 50% off all donation ranks (excluding Custom VIP for Deathrun as this is being removed)! This will last until the day after Christmas (Boxing Day) so this will be our largest sale we have had yet! The percentage of the discount may vary as we proceed through the month so the best time to purchase would be in the first couple of weeks! We thank you all for staying with us at NexusNation as we have finally made it to our first year of NexusNation being up (with me as Owner) and hopefully a few more to come!

by Lubricant Jam at 1:59 AM
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I have quickly put together a TeamSpeak 3 Theme for NexusNation! It's the first version of this and I will be working on upgrading it in the future! As of now, the version is V1.0 and I have included a very detailed instruction manual for people who do not know how to use TeamSpeak very well. By using this theme you will be supporting NexusNation Servers and overall will be making your TeamSpeak look epic!

Overall Theme:

Right-Click Menu:

New Microphone Icon When Speaking:

by Lubricant Jam at 2:47 PM
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Hello All,

As of now, I have finished setting up the second Deathrun server and it is ready for you, the players, to now play on and enjoy! Everything is synced from the other server so that you can easily hop from server to server if you do not like the map which it is on! You can access this server by clicking the "Join" button on the right-hand side of the forums or simply type !hop in-game for easy access! There will no doubt be some bugs created from this move and if there is, please don't moan about them, report them on the forums and everything can be sorted! The discount for the donations still remains but the [TNN] tags price will not. The [TNN] tags have been reverted back to normal for a reason I am not going to say as it will be exploited. Let's just say, it is for the better. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the second Deathrun server and thank you for getting us this far!


~ Lubricant Jam.
by Lubricant Jam at 9:39 PM
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Hello All,

Since the move to SQLite to MySQL, everything has gone downhill for me and SpuZz. Everything went 100% to plan apart from when it actually came to setting the Deathrun server up to the database. We found out that Unique-ID 's have changed since the change. We also found that they are also cannot be reversed back. We've tried as many methods as possible to try and get everyones points back to their wallet but it just does not work and we've come to the conclusion of having to reset the Pointshop on Deathrun. To compensate this, we have made it so that if you place [TNN] into your name, you get 50,000 points for free. Also, VIPs receive their nexi back which they donated for also with the [TNN] tag in their name so they get an additional 50,000 and their VIP points. To also compensate this, we will be making all donation ranks half price due to this to say we're sorry for this loss and we've done as much as we can to try and fix this.

On the positive side of things, we will...
by Lubricant Jam at 12:38 PM
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Hello All,

Today me and SpuZz have decided that we are going to convert all the pointshop data to MySQL today as due to the recent crash we had, some players pointshop data has corrupted. Moving to MySQL will help this drastically by not corrupting due to it only saves on the database when a new entry is submitted. This also means that we will be able to open a new Deathrun server and link it to the current one like we are doing with the Bunny Hop servers! Yes levels will cross over (we have to work on this though as it is currently not implemented) and yes the points will obviously cross over. This does mean that our Jailbreak gamemode will be going and we will no longer be hosting a Jailbreak server.

This move is going to take quite a while due to Deathrun being our gamemode which makes up NexusNation, it is a massive sv.db which will take a lot of time to convert. This meaning that the progress you make between now and when the conversion is completed, all points earnt, spent,...
by Lubricant Jam at 12:01 AM
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Hello all,

As you may or may not know, we just recently added two new commands to bunny hop and fixed another. The new commands are as followed;

!pause ~ Pauses your timer and freezes your character until you resume. This has been implemented so that if you need to go AFK for a short time, you can use this command so it does not ruin your run.

!resume ~ Does the opposite of the pause command. It resumes your timer and un-freezes your character and you can resume bunny hopping.

We have also fixed the command !hideplayers. Previously, when a player went through a portal, died or reset their run they would become visible again. Also, trails would show up and it was just very buggy. Now, all these problems are now gone and they are fixed.

More updates for the bunny hop servers will be released soon, this is just the start!